The Cranial Morphology of Large Wild versus Captive Felids

cat skull

ABSTRACT Studies have shown that carnivores in captivity that are fed soft diets have more periodontal problems and that the morphology of their skeletons, skulls specifically, responds to environmental and behavior factors. Considering that captive diet affects teeth and gums, we have conducted research on Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose’s hypothesis that variation will also be discernible


Learning Organic Chemistry Reactions as a Nursing Student


Abstract This paper delineates a clear way to learn the fundamentals of organic chemistry and biochemistry for students ranging from those preparing for careers in the health field to non-science majors. It looks in depth at the reactions relevant to the biochemical processes of the human body, such as the reactions involving alcohols, carboxylic acids,


Living with Nature in Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping and Robert Frost’s “The Need of Being Versed in Country Things”


Abstract:   Housekeeping, Marilynne Robinson’s 1980 novel, tells the story of teenaged Ruth in the fictional town of Fingerbone, Idaho, as she and her sister grow up in their unpredictable aunt Sylvie’s care following their mother’s suicide. In Housekeeping, Ruth develops a complicated relationship between environment and its inhabitants, especially remembering her grandfather’s death and


Response Interference and Activity-Based Anorexia in Rats


Abstract Anorexia nervosa is a severe eating disorder characterized by extreme emaciation due to the inability to maintain a healthy weight. The disorder can result in many behavioral and physiological changes. Activity-based anorexia (ABA) in animals is a potentially viable model of anorexia nervosa, reproducing many of the core behavioral components of the disorder such


“Pee Wee” Gaskins and the Subjectivity of History


Introduction For the most part, it seems that the general population perceives history as a field of hard, unchangeable facts, when in reality it is an ever-evolving field that is subject to the perception of the historians who write it.  Although it is true that credible historical research must be supported with some sort of


A Review of Video Game Effects and Uses


Abstract Video games are versatile in their form and function. Whether they’re training doctors or offsetting Alzheimer’s disease, video games can exercise both mental and physical features, train specific skills for a number of jobs, educate players about events and phenomenon in our world, research and understand natural human processes, and they can be designed


Piéce for solo flute: an Interpretation


Jacques Ibert (1890-1962) was one of the most prolific and eclectic French composers of the last century. He left behind numerous works in nearly every contemporary musical genre (Rapp, 2012). I have selected his work Piéce for solo flute to study and record. When preparing to perform a work, a musician should research the composer


Sexism In Unexpected Places: An Analysis of Country Music Lyrics


Abstract This study aims to show that sexism exists in all facets of society by exposing its existence in the widely unexpected area of country music. Within sociology, much work has been done on sexism in the popular musical genres of rock and rap, but little attention has been given to country music. The focus


Maternal Depressive Symptoms Predicting Development of Internalizing Behavior Problems in Boys with Fragile X Syndrome

Colorful Autism Awareness Puzzle Pieces on Chalkboard

Abstract Individuals with fragile X syndrome (FXS) often exhibit increased internalizing problem behaviors that substantially impact functioning. Research suggests that maternal depressive symptoms can increase the development of internalizing problem behaviors in their children. The present study examined whether (1) maternal depressive symptoms related to the degree of internalizing behaviors exhibited in their sons with


Replacing Sugar with Artificial Sweeteners: Is the Replacement of Sugar with Artificial Sweeteners an Effective Strategy for Weight Loss?


Abstract In America today there is great concern about obesity. In an attempt to balance a busy daily life with a healthy diet, consumers are now relying on artificial sweeteners to help them make a small step to a better lifestyle. With this notion in mind, there is the question of whether these artificial sweeteners


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