Fall 2012

Southern Styles


Abstract Southern Styles is a select four poems from a larger collection about rural life in the South and the extreme cultural and socioeconomic contrasts that exist in its people.  As a southerner, it is often difficult for me to reconcile these extremes.  Exploring these extremes through poetry has helped me to better understand how


Learning About Learning: Cognitive Gaming as a Technology of the Self


Abstract: Humans perceive and interpret video games in various ways. When viewed as a cognitive process, video games facilitate intellectual growth and development. This piece analyzes selected works by French intellectual Michel Foucault and educational game design researcher Kurt Squire to explain how video game play elicits various cognitive and metacognitive processes. The video discusses


Where’s The Love: Portrayals of African American Romantic Relationships in Media


Abstract In today’s world, the media is a pervasive and influential force that has a great impact on an individual’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Given this power, it can ingrain images in a person’s mind, that when not properly monitored, can cultivate “realities” that are nonexistent or slightly distorted. This study looks to understand heterosexual


What in the Fukushima Should We Do? Analyzing the Costs of the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster and Japan’s Reactions


Abstract The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which resulted from the Tōhoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 March 2011, has caused much debate about the future of the nuclear power industry.  Japan has shut down all of its 54 nuclear reactors and increased power production through fossil fuel plants to make up the difference (Foster


Learning Standards Developments


Abstract: Over the past two years, both the United States and United Kingdom have pursued radically different policy measures for eliminating educational performance disparities between traditionally high- and low-achieving student groups. In the US, such measures have consisted of recent changes to No Child Left Behind and the implementation of national learning standards. In the


Replacing Sugar with Artificial Sweeteners: Is the Replacement of Sugar with Artificial Sweeteners an Effective Strategy for Weight Loss?


Abstract In America today there is great concern about obesity. In an attempt to balance a busy daily life with a healthy diet, consumers are now relying on artificial sweeteners to help them make a small step to a better lifestyle. With this notion in mind, there is the question of whether these artificial sweeteners


Maternal Depressive Symptoms Predicting Development of Internalizing Behavior Problems in Boys with Fragile X Syndrome

Colorful Autism Awareness Puzzle Pieces on Chalkboard

Abstract Individuals with fragile X syndrome (FXS) often exhibit increased internalizing problem behaviors that substantially impact functioning. Research suggests that maternal depressive symptoms can increase the development of internalizing problem behaviors in their children. The present study examined whether (1) maternal depressive symptoms related to the degree of internalizing behaviors exhibited in their sons with


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